The Beauty of the Cross: 19 Objections and Answers on Penal Substitutionary Atonement (500th Post)


christ-on-the-cross-1587The cross of Christ has always been a scandal and an offense. As a symbol of social shame in the Greco-Roman world, the idea of a Crucified God elicited scorn from the cultured elites. For 1st Century Jews, a crucified Messiah was a nonsensical contradiction in terms. Even today, speaking of Jesus’ death as the saving center of history provokes a quizzical response both in the pews and the marketplace. Beyond that, there has been a wide variety of debate around just how Jesus’ death saves us within the church itself. Historically, there has been no binding ecumenical statement on the issue comparable to those on of the Trinity and the person of Christ. The result is that many different approaches to explaining the way the death Christ exercises a saving function in the economy of the Triune God.

Though widely-held by Evangelicals and Protestants of all stripes (and even some…

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Calvin on “He descended into Hell” (Guest Post by Tim Keller)


KellerToday I have the honor of hosting an original, guest post by Dr. Timothy Keller, chairman and co-founder of Redeemer City to City, VP of The Gospel Coalition, and former pastor and founder of Redeemer Presbyterian in Manhattan. 

Is it right for preachers to speak of Jesus experiencing the loss of the Father’s love on the cross?  After all, orthodox Trinitarian theology teaches that at the ultimate level, ontologically, the Father did not ever hate the Son. The Trinity remains completely unbroken. Indeed, when the Son was dying for us he was offering the Father a ‘pleasing sacrifice’ and a ‘satisfaction’ for sin.

But then what was the “forsakenness” that Jesus experienced on the cross? If in the ultimate sense he did not lose the Father’s love, what did he lose?  Is it wrong to say that when Jesus was on the cross he experienced estrangement from God? Is it…

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“Make much of our Lord Jesus Christ” by J.C. Ryle

Source: “Make much of our Lord Jesus Christ” by J.C. Ryle

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When Your Faith Is So Weak (Watson)

Source: When Your Faith Is So Weak (Watson)

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Five Ways to Spoil the Gospel

Source: Five Ways to Spoil the Gospel

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All Things To Me by Grace E. Easley

I read this and wept; a beautiful prayer to a Beautiful Savior, This Tremendous Lover!

Chronicles of an abused Christian wife

And since I am not

brave and strong,

Give me Thy hand;

The night is dark

and this is such

a foreign land.

And since I stumble

often, ‘lest

I lose my way,

Walk with me ’til

the night becomes

another day.

Thou knowest of my need

for love,

since love Thou art.

Let me lay my weary head

against Thy heart.

And being nothing

without Thee

Lord, Thou must be

all things to me.

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A Call Which Cannot Be Resisted

Still They Speak

“Every man that is saved, is always saved by an overcoming call which he cannot withstand; he may resist it for a time, but he cannot resist so as to overcome it, he must give way, he must yield when God speaks. If he says, ‘Let there be light,’ the impenetrable darkness gives way to light; if he says, ‘Let there be grace,’ unutterable sin gives way, and the hardest-hearted sinner melts before the fire of effectual calling.” –Charles H. Spurgeon “Spurgeon Prince of Preachers” by Lewis Drummond p. 647

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